Blast Messages - Corporates

Dear Marketer,

To blast your Marketing Message , follow these steps :

  • First
  • Select any of your earlier composed message from the list

  • Second
  • Select the" Industry " of your choice , to target only those companies which belong to the selected Industry

  • Third
  • Select the " Country " , to ensure only those Companies which belong to selected Country

  • Fourth
  • Select the " Cities " from the list that appears , by ticking the Check Boxes . Of course , you may wish to select " ALL " option
    As soon as you select a country, the country’s map will appear on the screen. When you select a city, the city will be marked on the map.

  • Finally
  • Click , " BLAST MESSAGE " button

Remember , at ONE time, you can blast only , ONE message to cities in only ONE country and in ONE industry

But you may repeat the entire process , again and again - as long as you are logged in

For checking up at any time , which message you have already Blasted , and to which cities , lookup View Blasted Messages - Corporate

Hence , it is best that you finish blasting any given message to ALL the desired cities , before switching to another message

The number appearing in bracket next to each city-name , denotes the Number of Companies targeted in that city

Just click on the City-Name to reveal the names of those Companies

- Hemen Parekh

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