What’s in it for you ?

Dear Business Owner,

In your Company,who may want to use our Service ?

Here is partial list :

    Marketing Manager

  • To market your Products / Services.

    Sales Managers

  • To sell your products / Services and appoint dealers / distributers/ stocklists / Agents.

    Purchase Managers

  • To source "Suppliers / Vendors / Contractors ".

    Finance Managers

  • To locate sources for funds:(eg:Banks / FIs / PE / VC Funds etc)

    Strategic Alliance Managers

  • To approach potential Collaborators / JV Partners.

    FOREIGN (Non Indian) companies

  • To appoint Indian Companies for marketing / selling your products / services.
  • To select Indian Companies for Collaborations / Joint Vantures / Sourcing components.

    Political Parties / NGO / Trusts

  • To seek Corporate donations.

    Self Employed Persons / Consultant ( Typical Examples )

  • To promote your services to businesses, all over the World.

    Chambers of Commerce

  • By providing on their own website, a hyperlink to our site,
    Chambers may want to enable their Member Firms to take advantage of our UNIQUE Service.

- Hemen Parekh