What is B2B

Dear Business Owner/Marketing Executive,

If you need to market your products/services to other "Businesses", or any other Organization, this is the place.


We enable you to Email your marketing messages in a way, no other website does.

  • Reach

  • 230093 Initially, our database consists of businesses from India but soon it will cover businesses from all over the World.

  • Targeting

  • By 52 Industry-sectors in 380+ towns of India.

  • Speed

  • Your marketing message,delivered(as Email) within hours.

  • Cost

  • Negligible !

    Our current tariff for blasting each Marketing Message email is INR 0.20
    [ i.e. 5 emails for INR 1/- , or approx. 300 emails for USD 1/- ]
    And so that the smallest business / organization / Self-Employed , can benefit from our service, the Minimum amounts payable ( either for the first-time payment or for subsequent re-charge ) , are ,
    INR 500 /- or equivalent USD
    Please visit “ Re-Charge Account “ page for details

  • Interactive

  • Online,see responses received against each Campaign and follow-up with those recipients who respond to your messages.
    Recipient - responses will be instantly delivered on your Smart phone , as well !
    No other advertisement appearing on Newspapers / Hoardings / TV or even any other web site , can give you such " Instant Feedback " !

  • DIY(Do It Yourself)

  • No need for a Publicity/Advertising Agency/Intermerdiary.

- Hemen Parekh